The Engineer - RFID Blocking Wallet

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➤ RISK-FREE: RATIONAL products are backed by a 1 Year money back guarantee. 

➤ BEST RFID BLOCKING TECHNOLOGY: Made from premium leather. Simply slide your cards in with the CHIP BEHIND the closed carbon plate and you’re PROTECTED! 

➤ SIMPLE TO USE: makes everyday life a breeze! Simply fill with desired cards, secure with a attached band and use the PUSH/PINCH technique to easily access your cards! 

➤ ULTRA SLEEK: NO MORE BULK! The RATIONAL Prestige mini wallet allows you to carry up to 16 cards with ZERO bulk and fit discreetly in your back OR front pocket! 

➤ EXCLUSIVE DESIGN: featuring beautifully HANDCRAFTED Leather embossed with the RATIONAL logo 

➤ UNIQUE GIFT: Perfect for an Anniversary, Christmas, Birthday, Fathers Day, Valentines, Graduation, and more. Guaranteed to raise eyebrows with this sleek stylish design.