The Engineer - RFID Blocking Wallet

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Made from 100% Crazy horse leather making it durable, strong, and gives it that unique look and feel of luxury. This RFID wallet for men is a minimalist design, it isn't a bifold, trifold, or money clip. Instead, it is a simple slim wallet without any bells or whistles. 

RATIONAL isn't trying to convince you that your data is going to get stolen if you don't buy our wallet, we aren't going to tell you that there are thieves out there at every corner with RFID scanners attempting to steal all of your data. There isn't. 

Should you buy an RFID Blocking wallet? Yes, specifically ours.

There is no question that you should protect your data when you can. We offer the same or better protection as everyone else on Amazon that sells RFID blocking wallet/purses/covers/baby carriers/shoelaces/lanyards, they all probably use the same suppliers. At RATIONAL, we don't use scare tactics to sell you products you don't need. If all else is the same, buy a wallet that offers RFID blocking because it could help prevent tragedy. Just like when you wear a seatbelt, you don't expect to get in a crash but if you did get into one, you want to be the person with the seatbelt on, right? Same thing!

Then why buy RATIONAL?

Unlike our some of our “competition”, we don’t offer clumsy nor complicated pull-tabs, folding bill-folds, anything with metal, special pockets for cards, all of which add thickness to the wallet. For a truly minimalist feel and function, the RATIONAL wallet is slim and sleek with a luxurious feel.