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EW01 - The Engineer's Wallet - Black

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➤ RISK-FREE: Rational Products are backed by 3-year money-back guarantee.

➤ BEST RFID BLOCKING TECHNOLOGY: Made from premium leather. Simply slide your cards in the wallet and you are protected. The entire wallet is lined with RFID blocking fabric.

➤ SIMPLE TO USE: makes everyday life a breeze! Simply fill with desired cards, secure with an attached band and use the PUSH/PINCH technique to easily access your cards!

➤ ULTRA SLEEK: NO MORE BULK! The Engineer's Wallet allows you to carry up to 16 cards with ZERO bulk and fit discreetly in your front pocket.

➤ EXCLUSIVE DESIGN: featuring beautifully HANDCRAFTED Leather embossed with the Rational logo.

➤ UNIQUE GIFT: Perfect for an Anniversary, Christmas, Birthday, Fathers Day, Valentines, Graduation, and more. Guaranteed to raise eyebrows with this sleek stylish design.

The EW01 The Engineer's Wallet was designed for the modern father who has everything. We wanted to create a wallet that reduced the bulk and wore well with time. From a motorcycle ride, to a night out with the family, to a day at the office, The Engineer's Wallet is there to make your life a little easier.

Holds anywhere from 1 to 16 cards, not that you need that many -- but just in case you do -- the elastic is long-lasting, the leather will gain a beautiful finish the more you use it. This beauty of a wallet has an RFID blocking liner that protects the chips in your cards from being read. Backed by a 3-year warranty.