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EDB01 - The Engineer's Duffel

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➤ RISK-FREE: Rational Products are backed by 1-year money-back guarantee. 

➤HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Rugged and tough Crazyhorse cow leather, measuring 2mm thick, this duffel will endure your traveling life.

➤HANDCRAFTED: Made by master leatherworkers with decades of experience so you know it's made the right way.

➤CLASSIC LOOK: Simple and classic look allows the bag to be used for basically anything from a gym bag to a travel bag you use regularly

EDB01 - The Engineer's Duffel was created out of a need for a simple classy bag that was easy to pack and unpack for travel. There aren't specific pockets for specific things, no battery packs, or whatever else is in style now. It's a vintage bag, that is built to last. That's it!

Built with Crazyhorse cow leather, the same stuff they make saddles out of, this bag is perfect for the person who doesn't want a complicated bag. Just needs something that lasts a long time and holds everything you need.

Whether you are packing for a round trip vacation to the Grand Canyon, a business trip to the corporate office, or just heading to the gym, this bag is perfectly simple and suited to the task. Start packing with style.


Size: 26"(L) x 14.2"(W) x 14.2"(H)