Our Story


Rational Products is a brand that was inspired to build products for fathers. It started when our CEO first became a father, he’s a simple man (in more than one way) and he wanted to have great products that fit his style. Meaning long-lasting, nice looking, no-frills products that won’t make his life harder. No extra crap, as he would put it. Something that was rationally thought out.

He set his sights on his wallet, which at the time was a monstrosity of leather that had multiple pockets for different cards and view-ports (that he never used properly anyway). Why have so many layers of poor quality leather that don’t really help organize your life? Well, no real reason he could think of. So he did what every sane father does when faced with such a challenge, he headed to the toilet to browse Amazon on his phone!

What did he find? Expensive pieces of plastic or metal that looked cheap or heavy (who wants to lug around pounds of metal in their pockets?), he also found the same old design revamped a million times over, all the same, all typical. He wanted something that looked nice, would age well with use and be functional. After his legs went numb (toilet, remember?) he said: “Screw it, I’ll design my own!” Thus Rational Products was born! Our first product, our minimal wallet, came out in October 2018.

Rational Products strives to make people’s lives easier through good design of quality products that are simple, easy to use and fit into the busy lives of fathers. We want each piece we produce and sell to make your life simpler for as long as possible.