Looking for Approval is Stupid

We've been too nice here.

Don't get me wrong, it's nice to be nice. But you know what's better?

Being productive.

Productivity is better than being nice. It means you're providing value to others. It means you have accomplished something beneficial to those around you.

Rational Products is supposed to be about doing things rationally, making new quality products that we'd use without regard to whether it is always popular.

We've been remiss in this mission.

From here on out, we're not looking for your approval.

We're not going to ask permission to make awesome products. Instead, we'll post out stuff on Instagram and Facebook. Look for feedback and move on with life.

If you don't like it, we aren't going to care too much. Because we know other people will.

If you aren't making people angry then you aren't saying anything.

If you get angry, good.

If you like our stuff, good.

Either way, we will be the ones making the stuff we like. Don't like our stuff? Don't buy it. Pretty simple stuff.

We've been stupid in looking to appeal to most people. Why? Well, we want to make people like us. But most people aren't going to like us, which is kind of the point.

We want our fans to be different, unique, and stand for something. If you stand for something

With that all said.

We're working on several new products. Here are some updates:

1) Our new belt is rolling into production soon. We plan on doing some minor testing and then pre-selling after we finalize the design.

2) We've decided that we'd like to design a knife. Why not? What do we know about designing knives? Close to nothing. We do know, however, what we'd like to see in the market that isn't already there. So we said, "screw it, we'll make it". You can follow that journey on Instagram and Facebook.

3) We're working on a new canvas and leather bag. An Everyday Carry bag of a unique design. Something that is durable and can be used for almost every occasion you could use a bag for.