Raining On Your Grill

Ever just have one of those days? You know the kind of day where nothing seems to go right?

You spend all week at work, doing your thing, making the money flow. And you look forward to spending some well deserved time away from work to relax with the family.

You plan out the father of all dad activities. A Barbeque!

At least that's what I did this weekend.

Let me paint you a word picture. Imagine a cool spring Friday night, my wife is on the way home and decides to pick up groceries.

"Pick up some wicked steaks Love, I want to double snap some tongs this weekend", I ask her.

"Copy that Big Eagle", she replies.

All Saturday we have errands so we decide on Sunday is the day. Our daughter has never done the BBQ thing, so we want to make it special. We go out and buy one of those sprinklers.

Wife is excited, I'm excited, daughter is excited (she's only 2 so she's excited about everything). You get it everyone is excited. 

Sunday morning rolls on in.

I wake up, the yard was mowed on Friday (with my new awesome zero-turn mower, totally worth the extra money BTW), the birds are chirping, the house is a mess, but that isn't a departure from the normal.

We head outside around 11. I get the grill out, start cleaning it and get everything ready for the small festivities of our small family event (no one else is invited).

I say to The Wife, hey let's get some stuff from the store that we forgot, chips. 

We get the daughter (who is eating a piece of gravel from the driveway), head to the store. As we get out of the van to go into the store the wife looks at the slightly cloudy sky and predicts we won't actually BBQ today.

I, the ever optimist, say "Nah, we've got this". 


As we exit the store, the rain starts to fall. Now at this time, I think "okay well maybe it will clear up."


The entire afternoon and evening was a mix of rain and more fatter rain.

Needless to say, I didn't grill yesterday.

Not even a little.

Has something like this ever happened to you?

I mean, I know it has. But how did you deal with it?

Did you get all pouty and upset or did you take it in your stride? I hope you didn't even think about it.

I hope you are the kind of person that doesn't let the little things get to you.

So what I didn't get to grill, to smell those wonderful meats being grilled to perfect temperatures. I'll get to do that today.

Instead of sticking to the plan, I was flexible and we had a movie night instead. What's so bad about that?

Turn an upset into a victory.

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