I Don't Care About This Month

If you haven't noticed, and I'm not sure how you couldn't have, it's "Gay Pride Month". And let me tell you something about "Gay Pride Month".

I don't care about it.


We aren't some corporate shill that's going to pander to any protected or special class of people.

No changing the colors of our logo for the month.

No special announcement about how nice we are to gay people.

We don't think about gay people. At all.

Just like we don't think about straight people. We are focused on making products fathers like. That's about it.

Why should we care? It isn't like they're special in any way.

Do I get a short people month? Or I drive a car month?

There is nothing special about liking the same sex. If you want equal rights, which you probably should, then you get to be ignored for the thing that makes you different.

What I really care about is if you are a good parent.

If you treat your kids well, provide for your family, work hard to make your life and your children's life better.

That's a month I could get behind "Providers Month"!

Well, we're never going to get that started, but Father's Day is coming up, and given that we are kind of father-focused we thought it would be nice to announce our Father's Day Sale.

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and don't forget to not care about Gay Pride month...