Hide-and-Seek With Your Kids

I want to tell you a little story.

Let me paint you a word picture. Imagine 2 grown adults, in a small country ranch home, this isn't much room between the furniture. Certainly not enough to actually hide an adult.

The table has been cleared, the dog has been fed, and the 2 "grown-ups" are tired from a day of work.

Now, a 2 year o2-year-old the energy of a jackrabbit and the most contagious giggle you've ever heard, says the word "up", which to her means anything from "let's dance" to "hold me while we rummage through the fridge", to these two exhausted individuals.

Who could say no?

They both get up and decide to play a short game of run away from the toddler. (one parent holds the toddlers hand the other runs around the cramped house screaming in fake terror).

This game is played for about 5 minutes. Until both parents are tired of yelling. One of them, not sure who starts the "great idea" of just playing hide and seek.

This genius plan delights the child to no end. She LOVES being scared, both by the deep roar of the Daddy and the banshee wailing of the Mommy.

The problem? This game lasts almost an hour. How on earth can one find so many places to hide from a toddler in such a small house? Who knew?

An hour of fun and play on a rainy afternoon can be so delightful.

This was what happened to me last night. The first real hide-and-seek game by daughter ever played. It was a blast!

I'm sure you've had similar experiences. Something so simple can be so fun. Experiencing something old as something new through the eyes of a child, especially your child, can be so fulfilling.

Here's to you having a fun time with your family.