Focus on What Really Matters

I spend a lot of time thinking about how I spend my time. At least I used to.

I used to be obsessed with it, thinking about the hours of time I was wasting doing stuff that didn’t matter to me. I would try to squeeze every little ounce of time out of everything I did. Trying to be as efficient as I possibly could.

I felt that in order to be happy I needed more time in the day. I needed to get the house clean, the kids played with, the wife happy, my day job satisfied, and take what little time I had for myself and organize it the best I could.

It was terrible. Honestly, I look at it now and think about how bad it was. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t do those things, but to be that obsessed with anything can’t be good.

I was so focused on time management that I didn’t even enjoy the time I was spending with my family or by myself.

It wasn’t good.

AND this was all before I had my first kid.

You can imagine how far off the rails it went when she came into my life. Everything was in disarray, nothing happened “when it was supposed to” whatever that meant.

I was late for stuff, all the time, I didn’t know where anything was. I was stressed by how much was out of order. I didn’t know how to react to anything.

I was SUPER stressed by all of this. It was making my life worse than when I had everything “over-organized”. I didn’t know what to do about anything.

Now, I’m a big fan of successful people. I think that if I want to be successful, look at those who have done it and figure out how they did it.

So I started looking for someone who had a lot on his plate and didn’t let it get to him. I dug around, it didn’t have to be someone from modern times, and remembered that Marcus Aurelius was loved by his people and was known for even temper regardless of the situation.

So I started there.

I just started with quotes. Looking for little bits I could use. And came across this one

“The more we value things outside our control, the less control we have.” - Marcus Aurelius

And that hit me.

Like a 500lb man hits a pizza. Hard and fast.

That was it! I realized I was trying to control EVERYTHING around me, because I valued stuff that I couldn’t control. My attempts to control time were making me lose control over everything.

My time is valuable after all why shouldn’t I control it?

But here’s the thing, you can only control you. You can only do so much with the time you have. This small shift made me focus on organizing what I could, namely my house and the limited time I had available, and not focus on anything else.

Why focus on the thing you can’t control? If you can’t do anything about it, then you shouldn’t really worry about it.

If you can do something, then do that thing.

Either way, if you are stressing over it you are wasting time.

It wasn’t necessarily how I was organizing my life. It was how I was THINKING about it.

All I needed was that shift. That tiny shift from focus on everything, to focus on what I can do, made all the difference.

And honestly, my entire world is better for it.

I don’t spend much time thinking about the past and how I made mistakes, and believe me there are plenty of them to think on. Instead I spend my time thinking about what I can do right now, or the near future, with my family, for my business, for you my loyal customers.

I feel free now, and that’s why I started this company.

I want to help you free yourself. I can’t make you do it, as you are outside my control, all I can do is try to show you a better way.

I wanted to change something small in my life, something I could control and something that was bugging me. I focused on my wallet.

Our flagship product, The Engineer, is the result of me looking at something and trying to remove everything that I didn’t actually want.

I designed it for me, and people who are on the same journey that I am. I wanted it to make a statement about who I am.

That statement?

I am a simple man focused on what matters.

I don’t need to be famous, I don’t need praise from everyone. As I cannot really control those things.

What do I really need?

I didn’t need anything passed something to hold my cards in a specific order and it had to be rugged. So that’s what I designed, for myself as much as fellow men on the same journey.

And you know what, I love my wallet. It feels great knowing that I once I focused on something I could actually control that I could complete a goal without all the stress that I used to.

What small thing could you change in your life right now to remove stress from your life?

I’d suggest our wallet, but I’d also suggest organizing your closet.